Our Purpose

It's simple really. Assignments International are here to empower people in order to fulfill their unique assignment. People often feel a yearning and a knowing that there must be more to life. We couldn't agree more! Part of that fulness, bigness, and joy is experienced while we are engaged in in carrying out our assignments. Another part is in getting to see the impact on the quality of lives that come about as a result. At AI, we thrive in helping you pioneer new areas and are excited to help you implement new ways of jumping into your life-giving assignments around the world.  Love is the motive power of our mission and our measure of success. Everyone wins. And yes, we really believe that is possible.

Our Method

At Assignments International we connect, train, and deploy people along with the necessary resources to areas of need. We want to see the increase of love, light, and life in places that you are passionate about, just as much as you do. To that end, we are invested in helping you recognize, understand, plan for, and continue in your individual assignments.  Because we value you, we will help to develop you and connect you with people who are already moving in this way.  No one should need to undergo an assignment alone.  If you are working to bring about change and self-sustainability in situations of pain, poverty, and loss we want to be your team. This is true if you have been living out your assignment for years or if the details are still a bit fuzzy.  And it doesn't matter if you are an individual, group, business, or organization - we want to be the thing you didn't even know you were looking for but always wished you had. 

Our Impact

Assignments International consults and trains businesses, organizations, and individuals who are working to bring about change and self-sustainability in situations of poverty and loss.


About a year ago I met Carolyn at a mutual friend’s home in the Los Angeles area. We started chatting and soon discovered we both enjoyed writing and agreed to exchange different projects we were working on for some friendly critiques.

The first writing I received from her was called the “Other Side of China”. I printed it out from the email, sat on the back porch and read the entire story of her “assignment” as she referred to it.

From the start I was amazed. The Carolyn I met at the friend’s home was a petite, lovely woman who owned a successful music store and loved to run.

Now, I am reading about this woman, who after learning the Chinese language, on her own traveled to China and is walking the unknown streets in Yangshuo asking the Holy Spirit for directions to get to her friend’s house. More surprising to me the Holy Spirit answered her, “Cross the street.”  But then she didn’t listen. In the end after making some failed attempts to get a cab, she obeyed, crossed the street and found the right taxi. Her stories were filled with the Spirit’s voice and guidance through-out her assignment. And always while on this assignment in China, she was running the land.

 At the end, the assignment didn’t turn out the way she thought and she felt disappointed. A friend reminded her, by being who she was and running and walking over territory, she was bringing His presence. Carolyn wrote “We are each gifted and oriented in different ways. Some have the primary calling of teaching, some are worship leaders or gifted in serving. I…I run. I commune with God and cover territory. My role is not absent of teaching or worship leading or serving but running on new land…this gets to who I really am. “

Everything about her story stirred inside my spirit. I have always longed to hear God’s voice and know His purpose for my life. But as Carolyn wrote “God calls us not only into faith and action in a general sense, but into an individual personal walk with Him in a specific tailor-made sense, with assignments and appointments.  We certainly can know specifically the assignments He has for us.” She once told me “be willing to be interrupted.” God’s assignments won’t always fit in our plans but they will be the best plans.

Carolyn’s assignments have led to many wonderful celebrations of God’s love in China. One was opening a Carlfit brand children's clothing store in Lipu, Guilin.(which is another amazing story)  The proceeds of this store will go toward caring for the elderly without family and school tuition for orphans.

Carolyn’s teachings on “God’s assignments”, her obedience to her own as well as her partnerships are all part of the making of “Assignments International.”

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- Patti B.

Changed lives

I truly appreciate how you’ve come to China to help people and encourage them, putting faith and strength into people like myself...
— Yue Yang