Carolyn Iga


Throughout the last ten years God has increased signs and wonders in Carolyn's life and led her into China where she is constantly lead into new locations and people groups, and where she spends 30% of her year while running her business in LA. Wherever she goes, and particularly in atheistic settings, she carries the simple message that “there is a God, and he loves you.” She commonly ministers physical and inner healing, deliverance and motion land anointing.

Carolyn, one of the founders of Assignments International has a Masters in Church Music from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and has served as associate pastor and music minister at several mainline churches in the Los Angeles area. In 2005 she left full time church ministry to open Neighborhood Music School in Los Angeles

Tony Huang


Tony's dream or passion in life is for all believers to grow in maturity and to see how truly wonderful God is. He believes as people grow in their love and understanding of the Lord, they will feel the Father's heart for their community, nation and nations. His assignments international from the Lord has lead him to Thailand, Israel, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore so far.

When Tony is not traveling for the Lord, he works as an Optometrist. He worked for various medical groups early in his career and left corporate Optometry in 2003 to open up his own office. He currently moved one of his offices to a new location to have space for ministry. Tony has served on the board of Cerritos Baptist Church and currently serves as an elder for Catalyst Christian Community. When he's not busy helping others, he loves spending time with his wife and two children.

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Davee Hazama


Davee is a Los Angeles native, raised in the San Gabriel Valley. After some collegiate baseball and 5 years as an Accountant, he transitioned to fulfill a childhood dream. As a preschooler, Davee visited the fire station that years later would serve as one of the few Japanese American firefighters in Los Angeles for 7 years. Since 2000, Davee continues to serve many people as a financial advisor which allows some flexibility for his unique ministry.

Davee first said, “yes” to God through a series of personal encounters. The next three covert years was drawn to know God, as revealed in the Bible. Eventually, Davee attended a Baptist Church for over 24 years where he served as a board member and part of introducing prophetic prayer ministry to traditional evangelical settings. Davee, his wife and two sons helped to launch a church plant for over 7 years.

Davee has since been launched into global spheres of influence, bringing prophetic words to significant people around the world. From his history of personal assignments to various lands and people, Davee’s developed a ministry template for others to discover, align and fulfill their own unique “assignments.”



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We ask future partners to first consider going through our Design-Align-Destiny discernment process if Assignments International is a place you can call your community.  

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